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Prem Singh Phartyal


Prem Singh Phartyal (born 1994) from Uttarakhand. Start bodybuilding journey from 2016 in Delhi India. Many Indian bodybuilding competitions and won many medals. Want carrer in bodybuilding doing hard work.

Prem Singh Phartyal

Prem Singh Phartyal, a Digital Marketing job from 2012, who comes from the village Uttarakhand, And my guru ji (Amit Khatra Mr India 2015). He was inspired to take up bodybuilding by his friends. With minimal funds and poor training facilities for Bodybuilding in India, his family made sure he obtained the necessary dietary supplements and financial support.

At the age of 22, he came under the guidance of Success Stairs The gym with Guru ji Amit Khatra. He made his presence felt by getting Gold Medal in Mr. Delhi 2017. And from then he will never looked back. He participated in many National competitions and brought glory for nation. Few of them worth mention are silver medal in open Mr. India 2017 Bodybuilding Championship held in Faridabad, Delhi, among top 5 at Mr. North India 2017, as well as Silver Medal in Mr. NCR 2017 Body Building Championship held Sahibabad.

Prem Singh Phartyal graduated from University of Delhi 2015.


  • Gold medal in open Mr. Delhi Classic Bodybuilding Championship organised under WABBA Delhi. Held on 3/3/2017.
  • Silver medal in Mr. Ncr Bodybuilding championship 9 April 2017.
  • Bronze Medal in Mr.Delhi 2017 Bodybuilding Championship organised under IUSTA 12th March 2017.
  • Silver Medal in Mr. India  2017 Bodybuilding Championship organised under BNBA 28 March 2017.
  • 5th Palce Medal in Mr. North India 2017 Bodybuilding Championship Under BNBA 5th March 2017.