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Dianabol Methandrostenolone is an anabolic steroid that was created by Dr. John Bosley Ziegler.
Dianabol gained popularity and has been widely used in gyms. It is currently the anabolic steroid most used by professional athletes because it’s considered the most effective. Weightlifters, bodybuilders, and other athletes find that it helps them gain muscle mass, fast.

The second oral Anabolic Steroid ever produced, Dianabol has been used for medical and health/body building reasons for years. For those looking to use the steroid in their daily routine to help build muscle gains quickly. Dianabol promotes the ultimate anabolic state required for mega muscle growth. Nitrogen retention in muscle tissue is increased, leading to dramatic increase in protein synthesis, equaling rapid growth in strength and muscle size.

Best Way to Use Dianabol

Take one tablet 2 to 3 times a day for at least two months. Tablets should be taken with meals, but during workout days, take one 30 to 45 minutes before working out. Each bottle contains 90 tablets. For best results, stack this with Dianabol.

Side Effects can Occur when Using Dianabol

Taking Dianabol you are risking potential negative side effects and adverse reactions. This is why so many experts implore those trying Dianabol to use it responsibly. In order to prevent these risks the steroid must be used for a limited period of time, in only moderate doses.
These negative side effects include:

  • • Gynecomastia
  • • High Blood Pressure
  • • High LDL cholesterol levels
  • • Low HDL cholesterol levels
  • • Liver toxicity and damage
  • • Suppressed production of testosterone
  • • Testicular atrophy
  • • Water retention and bloa

Many of these negative side effects are due to a buildup of estrogen caused by the aromatizing effect of the steroid.


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