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Prem Singh Phartyal


1. WABBA India
Classic 2017 Delhi state amateur bodybuilding association #WABBA Delhi presents open delhi bodybuilding & fitness championship Friday 3rd march 2017.
All body builders and fitness model athlete Invited @ Radhika Farm subhash chowk, Bakhtarpur.

Bodyweight Start: 3rd March 9Am to 11:30 noon
Championship: 3rd March 2017 1 pm
Venue: Radhika Farm subhash chowk, Bakhtarpur.
Contact: 9873266761, 9818187123

Championship organise by Dronacharya's The Gym Bakhtarpur, Delhi

2. Open Mr. India - bodybuilding & fitness championship

Bodyweight Start: 9Am to 11:00 noon 2017
Championship: 12:00 noon Same Day - 12 MARCH Sunday 2017
Venue: Geeta Bhawan chowk sonepat (haryana)
Contact: 9812183658

Championship organise by M 2 GYM

3. WABBA India -  Mr. Delhi 2017

WABBA Delhi presents Mr. Delhi bodybuilding & fitness championship Man & Woman on 19th march 2017.
Selection trial for MR India 2017.
All body builders and fitness model athlete Invited.

Contact: 9873266761.

4.   Mr. Delhi 2017 - bodybuilding & fitness championship Men & Women

Bodyweight Start: 10 March 9Am to 4 Pm at DRONACHARYA THE GYM 22/27 EAST PUNJABI BUGH.
Championship: 11 March 2017 11 Am on Sunday at TALKATORA STADIUM, DELHI
Contact: 9999880082, 9891760950

5. Mr. India - 2017 bodybuilding & fitness championship Men & Women

Contact: +91-8108333074, +91-9322665785


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