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Prem Singh Phartyal


Muscle Mass. Bodybuilding is focused on building muscle. ... During the muscle recovery, muscles rebuild and get stronger. Bodybuilders main goal is to sculpt large muscles which pop, whereas Fitness Models don't focus on building muscle, but more so on sculpting an overall fit looking body.

Bodybuilding vs. fitness workout
Although the two fitness regimes might seem similar to each other, they are in fact very different. Fitness workout/modelling is a more recent offshoot of exercising, while bodybuilding has been around since the late 1960’s

  • Bodybuilders: All about the size
  • Fitness workout: All about strength

Bodybuilders rarely indulge in cardiovascular exercises or reps with a low amount of weights, placing special emphasis on gaining mass. They tend to regularly push their bodies to the breaking point; that is the point where they literally cannot do another rep-round. During recovery time, the ‘failed’ muscles rebuild and become stronger.

5 important differences between the two.

1. Muscle Mass
2. Calorie Intake
3. Proteins
4. Workout Sessions
5. Supplements

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  2. hello; it's a nice comparison that you did between bodybuilders and physique models, but i want to add something real that everyone should know:
    every bodybuilder can be a physique model but not every physique model can be a bodybuilder, it is very difficult to attain that level of muscularity and definition at the same time, even if the two categories are using a huge amount of drugs and growth factors but they can't grow likewise.
    physique models are genetically limited, unlike bodybuilders they are gifted.